Monday, September 22, 2014

Let's start this out right...

Hello, blogging community!

Before I begin the not-so-fascinating journey into my life and what random ramblings go through my cerebral cortex, an introduction is due.

My name is Danielle Porter.  I am newly married (April of this year), live in a basement (that is beautiful and I love!), have wonderful and amazing parents (who also have a blog! Check out, and last, but certainly not least, I have a wonderful and caring husband whom I love to death. 

I am a Liberty University Grad with a Family and Child Development major, for those of you who are Liberty Alumn, yes, I was a FACS major, but unlike most of our elite department, I did NOT get a ring by spring and my husband is NOT a Liberty Grad, so BAM! I hope I blew your minds a little. :) No, really though, I loved my time at LU and am blessed to have met so many wonderful people and lifelong friends.

I am a native Pennsylvanian, but then transplanted my freshman year of college to Williamsburg, Virginia. I was there for four years and then moved again to backwoods of Virginia, about thirty minutes west of VA Tech (Go Hokies... not really).

I met my husband while still living in York.  We grew up together at church and school.  I moved away, we lost touch, but then I came for another friend's wedding my junior year of college and we reconnected. After talking (me in Virginia and he in Pennsylvania) we decided to give the whole long distance relationship thing a go.  That continued for close to three years when he "popped the question" and 11 months later, we got married! I moved back to Pennsylvania in Hanover and I've been here for almost 6 months now.  All that moving sound ridiculous? Yeah, it kind of is.  Welcome to life as I know it... But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Now, the reason for this blog.  This blog came about due to a conversation with mother, actually.  I attempted to begin  a blog a few years ago, but I failed, miserably.  I need an outlet to express myself, for things I'm learning, and to share life events.  I  recently joined/am leading a "life group" of young adult women and we are learning some pretty awesome things.  Currently, we're studying Beth Moore's James study.  There is some awesome stuff in this study! I highly recommend it.  I am sure I will be posting things that I continue to uncover from this awesome book.

But this will come later.  For now, I will leave you with some pictures :)  Thanks for listening and I look forward to sharing this journey of marriage, life and Jesus with you!
My handsome hubby, Ethan

       Photo credit to Brianna Wilbur Photography  


My wonderful parents, remember, check out their blog at
                                      Photo credit to Brianna Wilbur Photography
My fabulous girls, (from left to right): My sister-in-law, my cousin, me, my bestie from college, and my dear friend from my southwest VA days
                                Photo credit to Brianna Wilbur Photography

Me and my wonderful husband
                                          Photo credit to Brianna Wilbur Photography
Photo credit to Brianna Wilbur Photography

My sweet MOH and cousin, Deanna